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“Does Stress Cause Back Pain?"

Stress and anxiety in itself can give rise to a certain amount of back pain.  It can exacerbate an already painful condition and create feelings of doubt, desperation and fear.  These feelings can actually be quite normal for the average back pain sufferer.  But even a fair amount of stress can be considered by most health professionals to be “normal."

Stress may be defined as a certain demand placed on the adaptive capacities of the mind-body connection.    When we are able to adapt in a healthy way to a demanding situation, the kind of stress it generates can be a welcoming motivator in our lives.

When we are unable to “adapt” in a healthy way, stress can be become harmful both emotionally and physically.  Like that seen in people suffering from back pain.

What Causes Back Pain During Stress?

Stress should be viewed as neither a good or bad entity.  Only that events in our lives inevitably cause a certain amount of stress and our ability to cope with stress surrounding different events is essentially a key factor in how we may end up feeling.  Sub-consciously, our mind may use some pretty tricky coping mechanisms when dealing with stress.

Some general causes of stress related back pain may be:

1.       Extended work hours.

2.      Clashes with co-workers.

3.      Poor pay.

4.      Loss of a job.

5.      Loss of a loved one.

6.      Marital problems.

7.      Unrealistic expectations of oneself.

Treating Your Back Pain Stress

And the list can go on and on.  For some tips on immediate stress relief try going for a slow walk, meditate for 15 minutes (yoga), take deep breaths, count backwards from 100, listen to your favorite music, take a warm bath, or talk to a close friend.

It helps to become aware of the things or situations that cause stress in your life.  And the above mentioned tips can help yield temporary relief for those suffering from back pain

As you are seeking a permanent solution to your back pain, please considering reading my special report.  This required reading located in my e-Book will not only cure your back pain, and it will do it without a lot of hard work.

Whatever you decide to do, it is hoped you will do it with a new found appreciation for the role stress can play in your life and how it may impact symptoms of back pain.  This information has been known to change a person’s life with regards to healing back pain and sciatica.  And as you let it, maybe it will change your life too.


Tommy Hoffman, P.T. By Tommy Hoffman, Licensed Physical Therapist

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