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"Low Back Herniated Disc”

A herniated disc in your low back is an injury or tearing to the annulus fibrosus of an intervertebral disc. In the lumbar spine you have five vertabrae with a "disc" between each serving as a shock absorber. A herniated disc may have an impact on pain-sensitive structures like ligaments and nerve roots.

We all look for tips, tricks and the ever allusive magic bullet when trying to find “the cure” for a herniated disc. As there was a secret “pill” or panacea, we would all line up and wait our turn in order to receive it.

While we wait for such a pill, there are some general principles and tips that will help get us going in the right direction and move us towards an objective that improves the overall condition of a herniated disc. 

"Get Pain Free from the Herniated Disc in Your Back"

As a physical therapist for over 14 years, I have established five excellent tips towards developing a pain free low back due to a herniated disc diagnosis.  They are as follows:

  1. Position yourself as the most important part of the healthcare team.  No one knows better about how you feel and what you are going through.
  2. Take an active role in you recovery process.  The worst thing you can do is play a passive role in YOUR treatment process…do not become controlled by the “process”.
  3. Be knowledgeable and ask pertinent questions about your low back.  As you are unsure about your diagnosis, ask questions.  Do a lot of reading on the subject and familiarize yourself with the various treatment options.  You are your best advocate.
  4. Pay attention to your low back pain condition.  Make a note of what feels good (and what doesn’t).  Determine as best you can what seems to be helping and let your medical “experts” know.  Your feedback is extremely important.
  5. Choose your medical professional well.  Find out who the best and most experienced professionals are in your area.  What training do they have and how does it best suit you?  These are the kind of people you want on your side.

"Take Control of the Herniated Disc in Your Low Back"

Hopefully these tips will get you going and promote the proper attitude necessary towards healing your bulging disc or herniated disc(s).  It is time for you to take control of your situation and stop the helpless feelings often associated with a herniated disc back pain. 

These tips are geared towards empowerment and getting back control with regards to your herniated disc or bulging disc diagnosis. Use these tips and incorporate the other great information located on this website to foster a better outcome for you and your lower back pain.

For the proper diagnosis and treatment of your condition please check with your medical professional for a treatment approach that is right for you!

Tommy Hoffman, P.T. By Tommy Hoffman, Licensed Physical Therapist


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