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“Neck Pillow for Neck Pain”

For those people suffering from a cervical bulging disc, getting neck pain relief and a “good” night sleep can pose as quite a challenge depending on the neck pillow used.  Some physicians may recommend the purchase and use of a cervical pillow or neck pillow.  And before you go out and actually buy one, please watch my video below on “how to make a neck pillow” in order to try it out first and determine if it is right for you.  It is a FREE way to make your own neck pillow for neck pain with items you already have in the home.

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Try a Neck Pillow First

Try a neck pillow first before you actually buy it. The reason I implore you to “try” before you “buy” is a simple one; you may not like it.  My clinical experience working as an outpatient physical therapist for over 14 years and treating cervical bulging disc clients affords me the ability to make such a statement.

That is to say, I have personally witnessed many clients who first went out and bought a neck pillow only to make a return on the item after just a few short days.  They reported that the neck pillow either did not help them feel better or made them feel worse.

What is a Neck Pillow?

For those of you who do not know, a neck pillow is a pillow designed sort of like an hour glass on one side, with a built in support for the curvature of you cervical spine and a hollowed out section for the head to sort of rest in.  The overall premise of the neck pillow is to create an improved sleeping posture, while maintaining the proper curvature of yours cervical spine, and thereby help restore a proper night’s sleep by reducing pain symptoms.

While this all sounds great in theory, it doesn’t always work out.  As a neck pillow may help support improved sleeping habits, it will not eliminate the underlying problems.  That is, as your neck pain is caused by a bulging disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, facet joint dysfunction or some other common condition, that condition will not be eradicated by a “neck pillow”.  But, it may help you sleep more soundly, symptomatically make your condition feel better and it could be a great adjunct in an attempt to manage your painful condition overall.

Make Your Own Neck Pillow

So before you go out and buy a NECK PILLOW, wouldn’t it be great to try one out first?  Well you can, and I will demonstrate just how to do it in my video to the right.  This is of great benefit to you as neck pillows can be expensive and return policies vary greatly depending on which retail store you purchase it from.  Not to mention you will also save valuable time and wasted energy if the neck pillow doesn’t quite work for you.


It is best to consult a qualified healthcare professional for the proper diagnosis and intervention of your condition.

Tommy Hoffman, P.T. By Tommy Hoffman, Licensed Physical Therapist

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