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"Do Lumbar Traction at Home"

The benefits of lumbar traction at home for the relief and rehabilitation of a Bulging Disc and sciatica have been well known for years.  Physical therapists and chiropractors utilize lumbar traction with long-term results all the time for their back pain and sciatica patients in order to heal bulging disc back pain and yield lasting relief.

Below you wil find my no nonsense guide to performing lumbar traction at home using positional traction and gravity.

Positional lumbar traction at home uses body positioning in a way that alleviates pressure on entrapped nerve roots caused by bulging or herniated discs. It will also help relax a muscle that is in spasm.

Gravity assisted lumbar traction at home uses techniques that permit gravity to help overall distraction of targeted vertebrae. Care must be taken not to exceed the tolerance of the injured soft tissue.

Lumbar Traction - Done at Home

Chiropractors and physical therapy clinics may often time refer to this form of treatment as spinal decompression.  The procedure can be done manually with the help of your healthcare professional or mechanically via a special lumbar traction table. 

What they won’t tell you is that this same exact technique can be employed in the comfort of your own home, with little to no monetary investment.  There are at least seven different ways you can try to get back pain relief and sciatica relief by doing lumbar traction at home.

These techniques are outlined in my guide, “Lower Back Pain Relief at Home" Using Lumbar Traction Techniques.”

The benefits of performing these lumbar traction techniques for back pain as outlined in my guide are as follows:

A. You can perform these lumbar traction techniques in the comfort of your own home.

B. You can do these lumbar traction techniques as often as needed whenever it is needed.

C. It is totally free!

Guide On How to Do Lumbar Traction at Home

The guide is yet another FREE resource for back pain and sciatica relief offered to you at simply for visiting and spreading the word. 

As you find this guide on "lumbar traction at home" helpful with the relief of your bulging disc back pain, please feel free to share it with others or direct them to my website for a fresh copy!


Tommy Hoffman, P.T. By Tommy Hoffman, Licensed Physical Therapist


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