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Here what others are saying about my e-Book. These are unpaid and often times unsolicited testimonials from people who have been cured of lower back pain and sciatica after reading my e-Book "First Aid for Lower Back Pain."

After you have read my e-Book and been cured of bulging disc pain, and wish to join the other testimonials on this page, simply contact me via email. I will send you something to sign establishing permission to print what you want to say about my e-Book. And thanks!




Getting myself back to work was my only concern.  I was afraid that maybe I would not be able to work again because of my back and leg pain.  Tom's e-Book was a big part of what got me where I am today, back at work.  So thank you again.


Michael Gonzalez

Staten Island, NY




"I was skeptical at first. Sincerely felt better sooner because of this e-Book. Since then I have been completely free of my lower back pain. Cured. I am recommending this e-Book to many of my family and friends. And I am recommending this e-Book to you as well."


Eric Mendez

Edison, NJ





I suffered from lower back pain for four years. I did not think this e-Book was for real or that it would help me. After reading it, the whole thing made sense to me. I consider myself pretty luck to have found Tommy's special report.


Terriane Wigfield

Hamilton, CT







"Tommy's e-Book is a must read if you have lower back pain or sciatica. I felt like my condition was getting worse until this information cured me. I am playing tennis again and waking with my son. Thank you."


Jennifer Scurlock

Chicago, Illinois




"The pain in my legs and lower back made getting dressed seem impossible. After reading First Aid for Lower Back Pain and learning the truth, I finally had relief. Can honestly attribute my cure to Tommy's e-Book."


Joshua Durdella

Edinburg, Virginia





"No one believes I got cured from just reading an e-Book. I had practically given up and bought the e-Book because it was affordable enough........best thing I ever did. Helped my husband too. Tom has my most sincere gratitude."


Lisa Desiderio

Beachwood, NJ







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