"Frequently Asked Questions"



Who should get my special report?


Anyone who suffers from lower back pain, chronic lower back pain, or sciatica.


Will your special report benefit me?


Yes. In most cases, the valuable information in my special report is worth 10 times what people are willing to pay for it.

It is normal to be skeptical and that is no reason to pass on this potentially life changing information.


Why should I get the special report?


Because this report offers a different solution for the cause and cure of your lower back pain than conventional treatment.

If you have tried the standard approach to care for your lower back pain, then it is a good decision to get the report. Many others have and with great benefit.

And it's at no cost:)


What is in the "special report" for lower back pain?


There is quite a bit of general information for those suffering from lower back pain.

Most importantly, I reveal the solution to the problem posed on this website.

With this special report, you will know how to prevent back pain from starting in the first place. Very interesting stuff.


Why are you giving away your special report?


The special report I have personally written, along with your free comfort gel pack, are gifts that I have provided to you with an understanding that a small donation be submitted.

I know the information on this website has tremendous value. People expect the internet and the information it provides at no cost.

But it would be nice to cover expenses.


What is the refund or return policy?


While your satisfaction is important to us, no refunds on any donation(s) is permitted as this is against policy.

Please feel free to donate as you find this information of value. How much does being pain-free mean to you?


Okay, I'm sold. Where can I get your special report?


You can only access my special report here on this website.

Can I buy this e-Book in hardcover?


No. Unfortunately it is available only as a downloadable electronic file. This file is made available to you in PDF.


How do I get the special report?


The special report is available for immediate download here. After you have submitted the requested donation, you can access the file at anytime.

A donation is not mandatory to access the PDF.



"Don't spend more time in pain by not finding out the truth today!"

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