"What is lumbar sprain?"


The lumbar portion of your back is defined by the five lumbar vertebrae of your spine.

When your physician indicates a lumbar sprain, he is referring to the soft tissue located in and around this region. The soft tissue in question can be any one of the ligament(s) in your lower back region.

A sprain to a ligament of the lower back can occur anytime we have caused an exaggerated stretch to that particular region of the body.

Ligaments are tough fibrous cords that hold bones together. Injuries to ligaments can create instability in the lower back. Lower back pain due to sprains are usually more painful than those due to lower back strains.

Symptoms of a sprained ligament of the lower back may include pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms. Lumbar sprains rarely present with radicular symptoms such as numbness or tingling. This could be a sign of something much more serious.

Most lumbar sprains will resolve spontaneously with the help of physical therapy, medication (muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories), and some rest. Bed rest should not excede two days.



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