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“Back Pain With Bending”

When you suffer from back pain, bending forward can make it worse. Hurt ligaments and muscles strain while trying to maintain core stability creating back pain with bending. A bulging or herniated disc can be extra painful because intervertebral disc pressures are increased by up to 150% when going into a forward bending position.

What Causes Back Pain With Bending?

Back pain with bending is caused by putting your torso into a position of a combined forward flexion and a twisting motion.  The reason this happens is simply because those combined movements put your lower back at a tremendous disadvantage, creating a sort of “perfect storm” for disabling back pain.

Usually, we get ourselves into this poor positioning while attempting to pick up and/or lift something off the ground. Back pain with bending often occurs during our daily activities. 

Back pain with bending happens when we are in a big hurry and forget all about “back safety" and proper lifting patterns with the assumption that:

 1. The item is small making it easy to manage.

2. The item is not heavy.

3. You are only doing it just this “once."

4. You feel perfectly fine so you should be “okay."

The problem is no matter how small, or light the item is, it is the actual positioning that gets us into trouble.  I have seen people in my clinic hurt their lower back picking up a sock off the floor.  In other words, pay attention to your positioning at all times.

Relief from Back Pain With Bending

As the above type of scenario has happened to you, don’t panic.  You can easily fix your bulging disc with three easy steps and get back pain relief.  While I may have provided you with the information you need to quickly fix your bulging disc symptoms, it may still not be the cure to back pain while bending.

Doing exercises, using cold packs, performing self traction techniques while at home and the like may serve you well, and it doesn’t stop there.  Looking for a cure for back pain should be something you take quite seriously as eliminating back pain with bending is a primary goal you should make for yourself today.

I have already provided you with the necessary tools to fix your bulging disc and reduce your back pain symptoms.  That may be enough for you or someone else and so the search can stop there…or maybe you are just curious enough to take it a step further?  As you decide, get a hold of my e-Book and look no further.

My special report should be the first and last place you look seeking a cure.  It gives you lots of advice on what you should and should not be doing as well as a systematic approach to alleviating back pain for good.

Tommy Hoffman, P.T. By Tommy Hoffman, Licensed Physical Therapist


"Don't spend more time with bulging disc back pain due to a slipped disc by not finding out the truth today!"

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