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"Back Pain Relief Products that Help"

As an authority on back pain with an expertise in physical therapy, I can only tell you what back pain products absolutely help for the relief of back pain symptoms and which back pain products simply don’t  work.  And as you don’t want to waste days or weeks implementing a useless back pain product, it is best to familiarize yourself with what is out there as being a truly viable option for symptomatic relief of your conditon.

List of Back Pain Products That Help

  1.  Cold packs.  Cold packs are one of my favorite back pain products.  While reducing pain, cold packs are great for eliminating inflammation associated with many back pain conditions.  Applications of cold to the lower back are done twice daily for around  15 minutes.
  2. Heating pads.  Many clients love heating pads for symptomatic relief of back pain because it relaxes tight muscles associated with back pain and increases local blood flow to the injured body part. Another thumbs up for this back pain product!
  3. TENS units.  A TENS unit must be prescribed, but can be a wonderful adjunct when available to reduce back pain symptoms.  A good choice for lasting back pain relief.
  4. Over the counter medication.  Over the counter medications vary, and so you should check with your physician.  Usually an anti-inflammatory works best.  Many of my clients see back pain relief while using Alleve for the recommended dosage.
  5. Ergonomic chair.  An ergonomic chair will be helpful to reduce back pain symptoms when sitting increases or makes back pain worse.  A good ergonomic chair will cost several hundred dollars, making this one of the more expensive back pain products.
  6. Lumbar supports.  In addition to an ergonomic chair, a lumbar support can also be of benefit when sitting to help restore and maintain a proper lordosis.  Sitting posture can be extremely important in preventing and in the recovery of your back pain condition.
  7. Lumbar corsets.  When extra support is indicated, a lumbar corset can be a valuable friend and excellent back pain product.  It can be used through out the day to reduce the stress and strain on the lower back during everyday activity.  This may speed up healing times.  You can usually find this back pain product at your local surgical supply center.
  8. Home lumbar traction.  Implementing home traction for the lower back can be done using an inversion table or with an expensive home traction unit.  You can also do some home traction using some of the approaches suggested in my free PDF. 
  9. Self mobilization books.  Self mobilization does not replace your chiropractor, but they can reduce back pain by limbering up stiff or tight lumbar segments.
  10. Exercises.  The right exercises for bulging disc back pain are geared towards extension patterns.  Starting an exercise program for back pain should be done under the supervision of a healthcare provider whenever possible to reduce associated risks inherent to each back pain condition as diagnosed by your physician.
  11. Water.  Keeping your body properly hydrated goes a long way to relieving lower back pain.  Make sure to get the daily recommended requirements. This is yet another free back pain product available at your kitchen sink:)

Back Pain Relief Products That do Not Work

  1. Heating patches.  While using superficial heat may be beneficial, best to use a moist heating pad, and not a chemically induced patch.  The results are much improved when the heat modality is “real” like that taken from a microwave or hydroculator and not the stick on kind found using a heat patch.
  2. Gels or Ointments.  Using “sports cremes,” mineral ice and the like for back pain relief will not yield lasting results.  They contain medication that when applied, superficially acts on the skin to make it feel hot or cold or whatever the active ingredients on the box says it is designed to do. These back pain products are of little benefit in my opinion.
  3. Vitamins.  In my experience, I have not found any particular vitamin or mineral that reduces lower back pain symptoms.  Vitamins and minerals are best taken to support healthy soft tissue and should be taken preemptively to thrawt back pain.
  4. Massagers.  There are lots of hand held massagers that are just not very effective.  In general, a massage feels good, but will not yield lasting results for anything other than minor aches or pains to the lower back.  Especially for those conditions related to a pinched nerve. Hiring a massage therapist might improve your chances of success over this back pain product.
  5. New mattress.  Many companies claim to have the “new and improved” latest and greatest mattress designed to to give you a better nights sleep.  As your mattress did not cause your back pain, then it is likely not to relieve it either.  I can think of better investments to make with your money than a five thousand dollar mattress.
  6. Exercises.  The wrong exercises for bulging disc back pain are geared towards flexion patterns.  In fact, flexion exercise are likely to exacerbate your symptoms if your condition is related to a bulging or herniated disc.  Starting an exercise program for back pain should be done under the supervision of a healthcare provider whenever possible to reduce associated risks inherent to each back pain condition as diagnosed by your physician.

Finding a Back Pain Relief Product that Helps

As a physical therapist for over 14 years, I have seen it all with regards to the never ending patient pursuit for back pain relief products.  It sometimes just depends on what is trending at the time?  There is a lot of money to be made by companies marketing back pain relief products because many people would love to effectively treat themselves at home and/or avoid a visit to the doctor’s office.  So they search endlessly online or order the latest gizmo and gadget from the last late night informercial guaranteeing back pain relief.

The list above is not an exhausted list, as I am sure there may be other back pain products.  And yet still new ones that have yet to be invented.  It is merely my own humble opinion having worked with back pain clients for over 14 years and my degree as a physical therapist that gives me the right to review some useful and some not very useful back pain products.  Hopefully, after doing your own investigation, you will choose your own back pain product wisely.

What back pain products By Tommy Hoffman, Licensed Physical Therapist

"Don't spend more time with bulging disc back pain by not finding out the truth today!"

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