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Tommy Hoffman



Tommy Hoffman is a care giver, family man, private business owner and entrepreneur. 

He owns and operates an outpatient facility treating lower back pain patients and those suffering from sciatica. Tommy holds a combined Bachelor of Science degree/Masters of Science Degree from the City University of New York in physical therapy.

Tommy’s education and experience in the medical field come from his extensive training in physical rehabilitation and biomechanics as a major part of a Health Science degree. Thomas brings valuable and trusted experience in the outpatient setting, having worked in this field for over twelve years.  

We at Bulging Disc Fixed are compassionate and sincere in our quest to disseminate a cure for lower back pain. Having personally experienced this God awful lower back pain himself, Tommy can do more than just empathize with his clients.

Tommy has an eight year old son, Tommy Jr. and live in NJ.

Tommy is a veteran of the United States Army, having served during the first desert storm in 1991.

God Bless America and our troops!



"The immediate origins of misery and suffering need immediate attention.  The old methods of care and caring had to be rediscovered and the best of modern medicine had to be turned to the task of new study and therapy specifically directed at pain."


Patrick David Wall Born 1925 –
Professor of Anatomy, University College, London






"Don't spend more time with back pain by not finding out the truth today!"





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